The Hollywhut!? Film Festival 2024

The Hollywhut!? Film Festival returns on July 27th, 2024 as a featured event of the PlastiCon Expo Collectible Convention and Toy Show at Flipper's Cinema in Hollywood, Florida.

Welcome to Hollywood….. FLorida!

Experience the Magic of Filmmaking

Get ready to see your film screened at Flipper’s Cinema in Hollywood, Florida at The Hollywhut!? Film Festival.

Discover New Films

Expand your cinematic horizons with the Hollywhut!? Film Festival.

Collaboration Opportunities

Network with other aspiring Filmmakers. Discuss new and upcoming projects within the local South Florida Film community.

Platform for Recognition

Our festival also includes an awards ceremony, giving recognition to top submissions.

Supporting Filmmakers

When you attend the Hollywhut Film Festival?! Your support and feedback is heard directly by the local filmmakers.

About The Hollywhut!? Film Festival

Established in 2017 The Hollywhut!? Film Festival began with a focus on networking and collaboration and allowing filmmakers the opportunity to exhibit their films to a live audience.

The Hollywhut Film!? Festival Returns July 27th, 2024 as a featured partner of the PlastiCon Expo Comic Convention and Toy Show, during the weekend premiere of the Deadpool vs Wolverine blockbuster. Come watch Deadpool Vs. Wolverine, enjoy a comic-con, toy show, cosplay contest and a film festival. Screen your film and Bring your friends and family to share in your accomplishment. This will be judged competition with a best of festival awards at the end of the event With prizes for the Audience Award!

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the Hollywhut!? Film Festival and the All Valley Under 18 Film Festival. Help Support your local film community today!

Maximize Your Film’s Exposure

Live Audience Film Exhibition

Join us at the Hollywhut!? Film Festival in Hollywood, Florida for the opportunity to showcase your film to a live audience and network with other filmmakers.

Collaborate and Connect

Build relationships and collaborate with other talented filmmakers in South Florida.

Networking Opportunities

Expand your professional network and join discussions with i fellow filmmakers.

Experience the Magic of Film

Immerse yourself in the world of film and experience the magic of storytelling at The Hollywhut!? Film Festival

Mark Your Calendar

Don’t miss the next Hollywhut!? Film Festival July 27th, 2024 in Hollywood, Florida at Flipper’s Cinema.

Save the date for the 2024 Hollywhut!? Film Festival!

Don’t Miss Out on the Biggest Filmmaking Event of the Year!

Don’t miss out on the Hollywhut!? Film Festival!

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