The Man with the Alien Hand

A man with an uncontrollable hand encounters a strange woman who attempts to cure his affliction.

The Man With The Alien Hand with Producer's Commentary Annotations

A Parody Trailer for our 48 Hour Film Project "The Man with the Alien Hand"

The Make-Up Artist: The Man with The Alien Hand - Behind The Scenes
Karin Ann Price of Exposed Make-Up Artistry on the set of our 48 Hour Film Project, working on Robyn Makhoul and Mike Guzman

The Waiter - The Man with The Alien Hand - Behind The Scenes
Mike Guzman's Movies have made over 1 and half Billion in Worldwide Box Office. Find out why.

The Gypsy - The Man With The Alien Hand - Behind The Scenes” — Robyn Makhoul as the Gypsy woman.

Christopher Bellevue: The Bro-hemian - The Man with the Alien Hand - Behind The Scenes

Directed by
Michael Macias

Written by
Michele Gianelli

John Licona

Starring in Order of Appearance
Scott Ehrenpreis
Javon Wiggins
Mike Guzman
Miriam Kulick
Rosemary Cipolla
Christopher Bellevue
Eric Manuel Padilla
Robyn Makhoul

Sabrina and Jasmine Graves
John Licona
Leonard Richardson
Karin Ann Price
Masiel Bellevue
Angeliki Piliouras

CInematography and Editing:
Serge Taveras

Make-Up Artistry
Karin Ann Price

Production Assistant
Masiel Bellevue

A.J. Cipolla and Rosemary Cipolla

Title Design and Graphics
Eric Manuel Padilla and Minami Sakamoto-Padilla

Special Thanks To:
Mystic Water Kava Bar
2037 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, FL 33020

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