The Lunchroom

The Lunchroom is a movie about what happens when office relationships take place, no matter how unwanted. It’s a comedic trip down the path of advances and gossip with folks we have all worked with.

On set interview with Mike Guzman explaining how he came to the project.

Joshua Gacusana takes us Inside the Actor's Studio.
He describes in detail how he prepares for a film shoot and his wardrobe selection.

Federico Magnorsky auditions for the part of Victor.

Ashton Pina reads for the part of Victor. He reads a monologue from Suburbia.

Different Camera Angle from Ashton's Audition.

"The Pen is Mightier.." The Lunchroom Audition Commentary

Written and Directed by
Leonard Richardson

Federico Magnorsky
Ashton Pina
Audrey Farquharson
Nikita Miller
Pearce Blair
Janet Jones

Mike Guzman
Joshua Gacusana
Casey Brown
Dianne Delossantos
Denise Lopez

John Licona

Director of Photography
Serge Taveras

Serge Taveras

Second Unit Director
Eric Manuel Padilla

Graphic Artist
Antrease Bozeman

Props Master
John Licona

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